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Reverchon SAMC, established in 1927, is a family-owned company specialized in amusement rides construction.
Today, it is the largest French company in the field of amusement ride manufacturing.
After the creation of the company and successfully manufacturing bumper cars and transportable fairground rides, Reverchon decided to dedicated its core activity to Water Rides and Roller Coasters since almost 50 years, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Reverchon is renowned for its remarkable contributions, being one of the pioneers in the construction of the Flume ride and the inventor of the Spinning Coaster, which has even become a generic term used within the industry.
With over 300 of these products sold worldwide, our attractions areavailable in both park and mobile versions.
Since its inception, Reverchon has installed more than 3,000 attractions worldwide, delighting visitors, young and old for nearly a century.
The strength and reputation of Reverchon have been on several fundamental pillars, including attractions’ customization to meet each client’s needs, a longstanding customer relationship through generations, and the key factors of quality and durability in our attractions.
The company is based in Samois sur Seine, Seine et Marne, France.

Some references :
Six Flags (United States), Disney World (Orlando), Aussie World (Australia), Kennywood (United States), Prater (Austria), Cosmo World (Japan), Hirakata (Japan), Mitsui Greenland (Japan), Blackpool Pleasure Beach (England), Drayton Manor (England), Global Village (Dubai) Jardin d’Acclimatation (France), Bagatelle Parc (France), Parc Astérix (France), Kongeparken (Norway), Tibidabo (Spain)


  • 1927: Gaston Reverchon establishes the company as a bumper car body manufacturing workshop
  • 1937: First ride called “Télécombat”
  • 1947: Second ride called “Bobsleigh”
  • 1950: The company moves to Samois sur Seine, south of Paris
  • 1956: Use of Polyester instead of steel for bumper car bodies
  • 1970 to 1973: Construction of the first Himalaya, Matterhorn, and Explorer rides
  • 1973: Expansion into the United States.
  • 1976: First Flume ride
  • 1978: First hydraulically assembled/disassembled structure for bumper cars
  • 1990: Division of the company, to dedicate to Roller Coasters and Water rides’ construction. Bumper cars continued to be developed separately.
  • 1990: First Roller Coaster
  • 1996: First Spinning Coaster
  • 1997: 100 000th bumper car manufactured
  • 2000: First Gliding Coaster
  • 2004: First Spinning Raft
  • 2016: First Swinging Coaster
  • 2019: First Spinning Coaster with a booster lift (world premier on a transportable model) and a front curve.
  • 2020: Launch of a new Family Coaster generation
  • 2022: Release of a new Spinning Coaster car with individual restrains

An expert team

At Reverchon our profession is our passion, the imagination and innovation of our younger team members perfectly complete the experience of our most skilled staff.

The highest standards

Our rides are built to the EN 13814 standard and are inspected by the most recognized organizations: TUV SÜD, TUV NORD, SOCOTEC, HEALTH & SAFETY…

We also build rides to the ASTM standards.