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Family Coaster

Reverchon is modernizing its first roller coaster model !
The Roller Coaster is becoming the Family Coaster.
With a customizable and tailormade layout, this attraction is perfectly suitable for the whole family. Its smooth and compact layout has a reduced footprint.
The track and theme of our Family Coaster are adaptable to any location, be it indoor or outdoor.


Footprint (m) 75×30
Height (m) 7 to 12
Track length (m) 250 to 450
Down chute 1 to 3
Ride duration (s) 120
Number of vehicles max. 1 train
Car capacity 24
Hourly capacity (pph) 650
Weight (metric tons) 50 to 100
Number of containers 8
Installation time (h) 80
Power (kW) – Ex lightening 30 – 50
Standard EN13814 2MC
Average delivery times (weeks) 50