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Reverchon offers a portfolio of highly specific attractions, focusing on the construction of Water Rides and Roller Coasters,
including :

  • Flume Rides (MiniFlume, Classic, XL)
  • Raft Rides
  • Spinning Coasters (Junior, Classic, Spinner, Stall Turn & Power)
  • Gliding Coasters
  • Family Coasters

Your reliable partner for spare parts

At Reverchon, the excellence of our after-sales service is at the heart of our concerns. We are committed to offering a tailored service, recognizing the uniqueness of each request from our clients. Our goal : to provide you with the best possible support at all times.

A comprehensive inventory of spare parts

Our workshop has an extensive collection of spare parts, ready to be deployed for all attractions in our Roller Coasters and Water rides lines. This significant provision allows us to respond promptly and efficiently to your needs, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing satisfaction.

Adaptation to current standards and modernization

The world of attractions is constantly changing, with evolving standards (EN 13 814, ASTM, …). Our after-sales service goes beyond just supplying parts; we also specialize in modernizing your attractions to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

Customization and theming on demand

Our teams, adhering to the strictest quality standards, also offer a customization service. Whether you wish to revise the theme of an attraction, such as a Spinning Coaster, a Family Coaster, or water attractions like the Flume and Raft, we have the capability to turn your vision into reality.

Commitment to longevity

The durability of our attractions is an utmost priority. Some of them have been entertaining the public for over 50 years, testifying to our commitment towards quality and longevity. With Reverchon, you are assured of a devoted partner, always ready to support you.